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Dry Cleaning

Start by placing your Dry Clean order on our easy-to-use website from your computer.

We are now proudly offering dry cleaning services. Our fantastic product offers a quick turnaround, all-organic dry cleaning method. You may now order both dry cleaning and wash and fold services delivered to you simultaneously! It might be difficult to find time for personal chores like getting your clothes dry cleaned because of the daily grind of job, family, and other adult obligations. We at Bergen Laundry Services are here to assist because we recognize this!

A group of professionals that are committed to collecting up your clothing, dry cleaning it, and returning it to your door at a time and location of your choosing make up our exclusive laundry service. Our crew uses an all-organic cleaning procedure, which produces an amazing final outcome. We use our expertise and services of the essential to ensure that your clothing are returned perfectly ironed and wrinkle-free.reputable dry cleaners in the neighborhood.


  • Dry cleaning takes 3-4 business days, depending on the kind of item and the day it is picked up. At this time, we are unable to provide dry cleaning the same day or the next day.

  • When placing your order on the website, please indicate in the "Notes" area if you require any dry cleaning, either for the entire order or just a portion of it. Please give us a call at (973-626-3896) to place an order, then afterward, text the words "Dry Clean only" or "Dry Clean with Wash and Fold" along with your order number. Your products are more likely to be handled as usual wash and fold if we do not have written confirmation, and we will not be held liable for any damages.

  • Please place any dry cleaning goods you have with your wash and fold order in a different bag and include a note informing us that they are for dry cleaning either inside or outside the bag.

  • For a combined Wash & Fold and Dry Clean order, if you want the wash & fold order to be delivered next day, then a $50 minimum Dry Clean order charge would apply. If both wash and fold and dry clean order can be delivered together, then there is a minimum $35 of Dry Clean order.