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Frequently asked questions about our services.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday with service windows available from 8:00AM-5:00pm.

Do you have a minimum?

Our minimum is 15-pounds per order, which includes pick up and delivery. There are no additional fees for pick up and delivery!

Do you charge my credit card when I place my order?

We do not. The order you place is only an estimate, we do not expect you to know the weight of your clothes. You order, we pick up, process your order, update your order with the correct weight, charge your credit card, and then we deliver!

Do I have to be home for pick up and delivery?

You do not! Leave us pick up and delivery instructions when you place your order!

What is your pick up and delivery schedule?

We pick up and deliver between 8AM through 5PM Monday through Friday.

How long before my clothes are returned?

Orders containing wash and fold are returned within 24-hours unless pick up is on Saturday. Orders picked up Saturday 8AM-5PM are returned Monday 8AM-5PM.